Sunday 9th February 2014 
1pm – 4pm @ Yoga Sivana
Suite 2, 52 Ourimbah Road, Mosman
SYDNEY (see map)

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I invite you to join me…

You’re a woman who wants to create a supportive relationship with your whole body and self. You crave for the space to retreat, rest and restore. You want to:

  • Feel grounded / centered  in your body and self 
  • Cultivate deeper trust within your self and life
  • Be more compassionate and gentle towards yourself
  • Be comfortable in creating personal boundaries
  • Feel more open and at ease with your experiences
  • Feel balanced and well within who you are
  • Connect with your inner knowing and true self
  • Create wellbeing in your whole body.

This workshop is designed to support women who are experiencing chronic stress and exhaustion. OR women who simply want to feel more connected and in-tune with their body, cultivating balance and inner peace within their whole self.

At this workshop, you’ll be able to take a deep breath, relax into your whole body & simply ‘be’. 

you have all the resources you need within you…

This is a highly experiential workshop. Through a combination of body-based awareness practices and down-to-earth conversation, you’ll walk away with a felt-experience of how to…

  • Listen to your body and follow it through in your life.
  • Be more aware, present, engaged and energised in your body
  • Feel grounded and supported within yourself and life
  • Reconnect with your body when you’re stuck in your head
  • Create a felt-sense of your personal space and boundaries
  • Create a felt-connection with your authentic self
  • Use your breath and body to be more open within yourself and life
  • Use movement and your body to create a trusting self-relationship
  • Use relaxation techniques to restore balance to your body
  • Use body-based awareness practices to feel at ease and well within.

I’ve created an inviting space for you to reconnect with your body and self. You’ll walk away with a more embodied, vital and supportive relationship within who you are.

what to expect on the day

I’ll be guiding you to connect more fully with your whole body (through presence, breath, sensation, feeling, touch, subtle movement, self enquiry) so you can cultivate an experience of connection, relaxation, grounding, balance, ease and resilience within who you are.

The approach for the workshop will be a combination of simple body-awareness practices alongside a shared discussion with the group on how you can create (and sustain) an experience of living in-tune with your whole-body: so you can embody it in your life. It will be a gentle, restorative afternoon.

what to bring on the day

Come along as you are! This is a space for you to relax into a deeper, more integrated place within yourself. There will be time for rest, reflection and engagement with the group. We’ll also take a short break halfway through the workshop.

Bring yourself, along with a notepad with a pen (to capture any reflections), and a water bottle. Wear something comfortable and warm e.g. what you’d wear to a yoga or gym class. We’ll be seated on the floor and moving around a little too. Mats and cushions will be provided for your comfort.

about your facilitator, Marissa Håkansson

Marissa Håkansson supports women who feel out of touch with their body and authentic self due to stress, anxiety, burnout or illness. She guides them to reconnect with their whole body, using that inner connection to create space for healing, deeper wellbeing and genuine fulfilment.

Marissa’s approach is practical and down-to-earth; inspired by her own journey of living with a chronic illness, being out of touch with her body, feeling disconnected from others, and trapped in a life that was out of sync with who she was. Marissa is based in Sydney, Australia and works with women and groups worldwide. You can find out more about Marissa at


$60 per person | BOOK HERE

what others are saying

“Marissa embodies embodiment with her grounded-ness and warmth. Through the workshop I experienced myself connecting deeply within. I felt my body relax and let go of all the tension it had been holding onto, without me even realising it. Marissa created a very safe space to explore and share. She was open, gentle and very authentic within herself. I highly recommend Marissa and her workshops for anyone looking to stop and connect more deeply within themselves; to deepen their relationship with their body and emotions.”
~ Jo Wagstaff | Executive Coach | 


laura burtonWhat I loved about this workshop is how refreshed, balanced and renewed I felt! I left feeling excited about my new sense of ‘me’ and the deeper layer of calm and connection with my body. As a naturopath, I’m always looking for extra ways to help my clients with stress and anxiety and I will have no hesitation referring others to Marissa. I’ve already recommended her workshops to a few friends. Marissa is a testament to her work and journey.
~ Laura Burton | Naturopath |


Naomi RosenthalThis workshop gave me the opportunity to be present with myself. As a result, I felt a closer connection to my body and being. It brought me to a place of calm and a space of timelessness. This workshop is great for women who are stressed, overworked and lack a connection to self. Marissa provides clear guidance and a warm, embracing space, along with great tools to deepen the connection with your inner self.
~ Naomi Rosenthal | Financial Planner |

$60 per person | BOOK HERE

connect + questions

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